The Ashfield Partnership Website & Logo Design

For this project I was tasked in creating an identity for the Ashfield Partnership. Starting with the logo and then moving onto the design of the website.

28 March 2020

web design

The Ashfield Partnership is a collaboration of partners sharing similar beliefs and values committed to realising the vision of The Ashfield Estate. The builders who make up the Partership are; CG Fry & Son Development, Morrish Homes and Wyatt Homes.

The website would play a key role in communicating the ideologies and values of the Partnership but more importantly the key information on the development of the plots, infrastructure created to support the new towns and events to enrich the communities created.

Logo Design

One of the important aspects of the design was it’s ability to work alongside the current Ashfield Estate logo. The logo would have to appeal to the modern building partnership but also fit alongside the Ashfield Estate logo.

The logos three leafs represent the 3 builders who make up the Partnership. The client also wanted to create a shape which symbolized the unity between the three.The chain like pattern was experimented with, rings and other forms which symbolically formed a bond.

Ashfield Partnership and Ashfield Estate - Black and White Logo
Ashfield Partnership Logo
Ashfield Partnership Branding
Ashfield Partnership Country View
Ashfield Partnership Branding Print Work

Website Design

The Ashfield website would be not only a home for the new Ashfield Partnership but be split and have a side for the Ashfield Estate. The Ashfield Estate side of the website would hold information regarding the vision of the Estate and the development aims for the future, food and farming, the environment and the design and community code. These pages are important in explaining the philosophy and reasons for the overarching controls that the Ashfield Estate retains over its three schemes at Romsey and North Baddesley.

The Ashfield Partnership side of the website will not only showcase of work and plots produced by the developers but also highlight the details and desgin decisions made to continue on with the Estate’s vision. The side of the site is also home to further information to the local residents, with news and updates on pop-up shops and the timeline for all the ongoing projects.

The Ashfield Estate - Website Mockup
The Ashfield Partnership - Website Mockup
The Ashfield Partnership - Website Perspective Mockup